This project was a collaboration between Rob Ortopan, Noelle Tatro, and myself. We were given the task of creating an interactive module for the students in the Detroit Public School System. This project included a website, an educational video, and a printed student package that together created the experience of "Napoleon Espionage."

Napoleon Espionage is meant to teach the students about the Napoleonic Wars and how important espionage was for both sides of the battle. The students are given a code name and a specific allegiance at the beginning of the project that they will use while completing assignments. They must gather information through letters, watching the online videos, and collaborating with their fellow students. Since there were so many different countries involved during the Napoleonic Wars not every student will have the same allegiance and might be fed disinformation as a result.

The short video clip is one of many that support the overall project. It provides general information about a famous battle or movement during the war from which the student will have to pick out certain information. Partnered with their individual letter and map, they must decipher the information to complete each assignment each week. When the course is complete the students will have a greater understanding of how important espionage was during the Napoleonic Wars and how it shaped the events of history.
Sample Student Packet

Each packet includes the Weathered case, Napoleonic map, Quill, and Secret communications from their commanding officer.
Interactive Web Page

The web page is where the students can document their progress through maps, videos, and communication with other spies in the class.
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